Commercial Alarm Systems

When it comes to commercial alarm / security systems, there seems to be a lot of confusion in regard to how much a business pays per month and what equipment is actually needed.

We at ASAP approach the alarm industry with a much different approach. We offer no long term contracts, we do not lease equipment and we do not hide clauses in the fine print of a contract.

ASAP sells and installs commercial security alarm equipment upfront. This means that our clients pay for the equipment and the installation upfront effectively eliminating the need for a long term monthly monitoring contract.

Some of the larger companies in the security alarm industry like to make commercial customers think that it somehow “magically” costs more to monitor their security alarm system because they are a ” business account”. They want you to think that it costs more because business’s generally have more equipment and devices to be monitored.

Let ASAP clear the air, it does not cost a penny more for us to have your commercial security alarm monitored that it does to monitor your residential security alarm.

There may be exceptions depending who originally installed the security alarm equipment for the business, who actually owns the equipment, whether it is tied into the fire alarm system or not, and so on.

We offer ” month to month” alarm monitoring through Security Central, based out of Statesville NC. Security Central is a licensed central station that provides video and alarm monitoring for many small alarm / security business’s.

Security Central’s monitoring rates may vary due to features and options that clients choose to utilize. Most of our clients pay 20 dollars or less a month, with no long term contract.


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