Residential Alarm Systems

When it comes to residential alarm / home security systems, there seems to be a lot of  “fear based” advertising and confusion in regard to what equipment is actually needed.

We at ASAP approach the alarm industry with a much different approach. We offer no long term contracts, we do not lease equipment and we do not hide clauses in the fine print of a contract.

ASAP sells and installs residential security alarm equipment upfront. This means that our clients pay for the equipment and the installation upfront effectively eliminating the need for a long term monthly monitoring contract.

We offer ” month to month” alarm monitoring through Security Central, based out of Statesville NC. Security Central is a licensed central station that provides video and alarm monitoring for many small alarm / security business’s.

Security Central’s monitoring rates may vary due to features and options that clients choose to utilize. Most of our clients pay 20 dollars or less a month, with no long term contract.