Access Control Systems & CCTV

This article will provide a brief overview of access control systems and their many uses.

In today’s modern world access control systems are in use from your neighborhood pool to your employer.

There are many different access control manufacturers as well as levels of security in regard to access control systems.

An access control system can be as simple as a “stand alone” keypad that opens a gate or a door when a code is entered or it can be an access system that controls one or many doors via some type of proximity card or ID badge. Below we shall outline the basics of different types of access control systems.

1.  Stand Alone Keypad / Remote: This is the most basic type of  access control system and is generally used in a residential setting in association with automated vehicular security gates. The homeowner can type in a code on the keypad or push a button on the remote transmitter to open or close the gate.

This basic setup can also be used on a door with a magnetic lock or an electric door strike however we do not recommend it where a higher level of security is needed.

2.Telephone / Building Entry System: This type of access control system can be used to control multiple doors or gates. Telephone entry systems have built in memory that  can be programmed remotely with the accompanying software.  Codes can be typed on the keypad, secure transmitters and proximity cards can be used or residents can be called using the directory to open a door or a security gate.

Telephone entry systems are generally used at apartment complexes, gated communities / neighborhoods and high rise office condo / apartment buildings. This type of access control system is also made for  single home residential use as well. Time and access zones can be programmed into a telephone entry through the software. This will limit who has access to a certain area as well as when they have access to a certain area. There are only a handful of manufacturers supplying this type of access control product.

3. Multi Door Monitored Access Control Systems: This type of access control system generally comes with a two door controller, a keypad, card reader, proximity cards, and FOB’s. To control more than two doors, an expansion pack has to be purchased. This type of access control system has the capability of being on a network reporting transactions in real time. The movements of a person with an access device or code through the system can be monitored in real time as well. Time and access zones can be programmed to limit a person’s access to certain areas of a facility down to a certain are at a certain time. Some access control products can be expanded to control up to 64 doors, depending on the manufacturer. The building CCTV surveillance system can be tied into some of the access systems as well. For example an IP camera is linked to the building access system, an employee uses his ID badge to  enter through a door. At that moment the CCTV camera is utilized to snap and store a picture of the employee entering that area at that time. These systems usually start around the same price point and get very expensive when you start adding access points, controls and CCTV cameras.